Outdoor Soccer League 7th Season 2015

JLSOCCER is now accepting registrations for the 2015 Outdoor Soccer League! TEAM, GROUP and INDIVIDUAL sign ups are welcome!


  • Custom Jersey with Name & Number, Shorts & Socks!
  • Certified Referees & Certified Linesmen!
  • Premier Outdoor Field!
  • 15 Games + Chance of Playoffs!
  • Full 90 Minute Games 11vs11!
  • An Organized & Structured Tournament!
  • Professional Photography!
  • Statistics & Top Scorers Recorded!
  • Trophies & Medals for Top 3 Teams!
  • Prizes & More!

Season begins MAY 2015!

Armada FC Sports FC Black Eagles Excelsior FC Haryana Football Club Xtirpation FC Barcelona Van Buren Boys International FC Red Bulls FC Alliance Galo FC
Past Teams




  • May 4th - Team Uniform Deposit Due: $500
  • May 11th - Final Early Bird Registration Deadline: $180


How much is individual registration?

  • $180 Early Bird Registration (Full Teams & Individuals) - Before May 11th, 2015
  • $200 Late Registration (Individuals Only) - After May 11th, 2015

How do I register?

When does the league start?

  • May 2015!

What is the location? Where are the games held?

  • Sunnybrook Park Grass Fields (Leslie & Eglinton): SATURDAY PERMIT CONFIRMED
  • Field are central and accessible via TTC.

Day & Time?

  • Saturdays between 1:00-7:00PM.

How much is the team fee if I am registering a full team?

  • There is no team fee. Registration is $180/player.

Can my team use our own uniforms?

  • Uniforms must be provided by JLSOCCER and are included in the cost of registration.

What has improved from last year?

  • JLSOCCER has recruited new referees and officials and more field time has been acquired to ensure matches begin on schedule. Uniforms come with socks this year. Top 3 teams will get prizes. More organization and better structure has been implemented.

Are referee fees included in the cost of registration?

  • Yes. The registration fee is a one-time payment and covers you for the entire season!

Will games be held on Long Weekends?

  • Games will not be held on long weekends as long as all season games can be accommodated. In the case of cancellations, games may be scheduled on the long weekend to make up lost matches. Schedule will be posted shortly.

What is the minimum amount of players per team?

  • 18 players minimum per team (No maximum). As seasons progress it is difficult to have all players come out continuously. This is why the minimum amount of players is set to 18 to avoid default matches.

What is the level of play?

  • Intermediate to Advanced. This is a competitive recreational league.

I want to register with a few of my friends. Can we be placed on the same team?

  • If you register as a group you can request to be on the same team on your waiver form.

I am an individual. How do I find a team?

  • JLSOCCER strives to create teams as fair as possible. If you do not not have a team you will be designated to a roster. Some teams host tryouts and also recruit additional players to fill up their rosters. You will be notified about upcoming tryouts if you have already contacted us by email. Players are encouraged to come participate in the weekly indoor pickup soccer program and display their skills in hopes of being recruited by a team.

When will you be hosting tryouts?

  • Tryouts will be announced in the near future. Please bring your registrations forms & fee with you if you are interested in registering.

I cannot make it to the tryout. Is it mandatory?

  • Tryouts are NOT mandatory. You can still register and are guaranteed a spot on a team.

Is slide tackling allowed?

  • There is no slide tackling to ensure safety of all players and minimize injuries. If a player is alone a slide may be allowed in order to keep the ball in play. Otherwise, this is at the referees discretion.

Will there be fines for Yellow/Red Cards?

  • First red card (2 Yellows) will be $25. Subsequent red card $50. Players accumulating 2 red cards in a regular season will be expelled from the league without a refund.

What is the quality of the uniforms?

  • JLSOCCER always ensures that the best quality custom uniforms are provided to our players. The uniforms provided are AAA 1:1 original quality which is the best replica uniform available. 2015 Uniform Options


  • Pre-Season: Stats do not count
  • Regular Season: Round-robin between all teams
  • Playoffs Stage 1: Top 4 teams compete in semi-finals
  • Playoffs Stage 2: Top 2 teams compete in final